Permanent Delegates


Competences of the committee: 
It deals with issues related to the academic coordination of studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy.
     - Proposal of the academic calendar to the centre's management.
     - Theoretical and practical teaching coordination. 
     - Coordination of spaces and infrastructures related to academic planning. 
     - Inter-course teaching coordination.
     - Inter-departmental teaching coordination.
     - Review and validation of e-guides.

Members of the Committee:
     - Degree Coordinator: María Luisa Nueda Sanz.
     - Course coordinators (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year).
          1st: María Teresa Alonso Martínez.
          2nd: Pilar Clemente Casares.
          3rd: Juan Tolosa Barrilero.
          4th: Manuel Jesús Santander Ortega.
          5th: María Galindo Anaya.

Powers of the Committee:
       - To ensure the application of these regulations, as well as to modify them in order to adapt them to changes that may occur in a higher level regulation or to adapt them to the teaching and/or organisational needs of the Centre.
       - Establish a procedure for assigning tutors and/or subjects to students.
       - Publish the list of the subjects proposed for the TFG and deal with justified complaints from tutors and students after the assignments have been made.
       - Establish the number and composition of the TFG assessment tribunals and define, clarify and standardise the assessment criteria.
       - To establish the deadlines for the presentation of the TFG reports, as well as to organise the public defence of the oral presentations.

Members of the Committee: 
     - Dean (Chairperson): María del Rocío Fernández Santos
     - Vice-Dean of Quality and Academic Organisation: Gema Blázquez Abellán.
     - Degree Coordinator: María Luisa Nueda Sanz.
     - 5th Coordinator (Secretary): María Galindo Anaya.
     - Professors Degree in Pharmacy:
           - Andrés Garzón Ruiz
           - Jorge de las Heras Ibáñez


Competences of the committee: 

The purpose of the Equality Commission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to take the necessary or appropriate measures to prevent and correct any situation of inequality of gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation in the Faculty of Pharmacy. All of this in accordance with the UCLM Equality Plan. 

Its functions are as follows: 

- To act as mediator and respond to conflicts arising from situations of inequality, at any level, in the Faculty of Pharmacy. 
- To guarantee the dissemination of information in an appropriate language that avoids situations of inequality between groups, in the Faculty of Pharmacy and its website. 
- Support the constitution of tribunals, work teams, commissions or any other group with activity in the Faculty of Pharmacy in accordance with equality criteria.

Members of the Committee: head of the Committee, four lecturers from the centre, one administrative and service staff member and one student:

  • Responsible for the Commission at the Centre: Virginia Rodríguez Robledo.
  • PDI Degree in Pharmacy:

    Secretaria: María Dolores Pérez Carrión

    Joaquín Calixto García Martínez.

    Inmaculada Posadas Mayo

    Juan Tolosa Barrilero.

  • PAS: Arturo Ramón Escribano Prieto. 
  • Student of the Degree in Pharmacy: Beatriz Roca Serrano.


Competences of the Committee:

The Faculty's Quality Assurance Committee is a body that participates in the tasks of planning and monitoring the IQAS, also acting as one of the vehicles for internal communication of the policy, objectives, plans, programmes, responsibilities and achievements of this system. Its functions are as follows:

  - Propose the quality policy and coordinate the formulation of the annual quality objectives to be achieved, as well as the indicators for the fulfilment of these objectives.
  - To verify the planning of the IQAS of the Faculty.
  - Monitoring of the Degree. Review of MODIFICA documents.
  - Review, update and improve the procedures established in the Quality Manual of the SGIC, together with those responsible for each of the subjects:
        o Student guidance and tutoring.
        o Student reception.
        o Student mobility.
        o External placements.
        o Complaints, claims and suggestions.
        o The Faculty's own training programme.
        o Analysis of the results (learning, external placements, mobility programmes, labour market insertion and satisfaction of the needs of the different interest groups).

   - Defining the evaluation process of the different activities carried out in the Centre, together with those responsible for these activities.
   - To analyse and propose what information needs to be published, to whom and how, in addition to validating the information obtained by the quality coordinator.

Members of the committee:
     - The Dean (President): María del Rocío Fernández Santos.
     - Quality Coordinator (Vice-Dean for Quality and Academic Organisation): Gema Blázquez Abellán
     - Vice-Dean for Planning, Innovation and External Relations: Juan Manuel Sánchez Tomás
     - Academic Secretary in charge of the complaints, claims and suggestions management unit: Joaquín Calixto García Martínez
     - Undergraduate Coordinator: María Luisa Nueda Sanz
     - Course Coordinators
     - Mobility Coordinator: Carlos Alonso Moreno
     - External Placement Coordinator: Lucía I. Castro
     - 4th year delegate as student representative. 
     - A member of the administration and services staff assigned to the Centre: Arturo Ramón Romero Prieto.
     - Optionally, external representatives: President of the Council of Pharmaceutical Associations of CLM, Head of the Hospital Pharmacy Service of SESCAM; other employers from different sectors that may be incorporated.

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Powers of the Committee:
     - To formulate the calls corresponding to each academic year for the performance of training placements.
     - To select the requests made by students according to their merits and ability, establishing the assessment criteria in the corresponding scales.
     - To establish the criteria for the distribution of students, taking into account the possibilities of reception, the situation and the characteristics of each student.
     - Determine the timetable of the work placement to be carried out by the students and set the number of students who must do it per call in accordance with the needs required by the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Castilla-La Mancha and the availability of the receiving centres.
     - To establish the assessment and control criteria for the Tutored Internships.
     - To review the programme of work placements to be received by the student and to evaluate their performance, following a report from the Tutor Pharmacist.
     - To submit to the Technical Commissions and/or the Monitoring Commission any incidents that may require it.

Members of the Commission: 

    •    Dean (President): María del Rocío Fernández Santos.
    •    Coordinator of Supervised Internships (Secretary): Gema Blázquez Abellán.

    •    Coordinator of External Placements: Lucia Castro Vázquez.

         -    Associate Professor of Pharmacy Office: José Antonio Carbajal de Lara.
         -    Associate Lecturer in the Hospital Pharmacy Service: Cristina García Gómez.
    •    PAS REPRESENTATIVE: Teaching Support Manager.

Competences of the Commission:

To carry out the recognition and transfer of in the degrees of the Faculty of Pharmacy. 
"In the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Credit Recognition and Transfer Commission, made up of five members appointed by the centre's management, one of whom is a student representative, is the competent body for resolution, deadlines and procedure, and incorporation of students, in compliance with the general regulations of the UCLM and the document Verifica de la Facultad de Farmacia ( With regard to its operation, this committee complies with the assumptions applied with those established in the verified report and its activity is mainly concentrated in the first months of the academic year. Once a request for credit recognition has been made, the committee studies the proposal and, if it is considered that the specific competences have been acquired, a favourable report is issued. Furthermore, once a certain subject has been recognised, recognition tables are drawn up so that the same patterns are followed on successive occasions (E4). The record of its activities is registered in the centre's secretary's office."

Members of the Committee:
     - The Dean of the centre (President): María del Rocío Fernández Santos.
     - Vice-Dean of Planning, Innovation and External Relations: Juan Manuel Sánchez Tomás
     - Vice-Dean for Quality and Academic Organisation: Gema Blázquez Abellán.
     - The Secretary of the Centre (Secretary): Joaquín Calixto García Martínez.
     - A representative of the students: Delegate of the centre.


Responsibilities of the Commission:
     - Management and coordination of student mobility programmes (Erasmus+).
     - To report on the calls corresponding to each academic year for national and international placements.
     - To select the requests made by students according to their merits and ability, establishing the assessment criteria in the corresponding scales.
     - To establish bilateral agreements with other universities and national and international entities.

Members of the Commission: 
     - Vice-Dean of Planning, Innovation and External Relations (President): Juan Manuel Sánchez Tomás
     - Mobility Coordinator (Secretary): Carlos Alonso Moreno.

Evacuación Planta Baja (2 titulares y 2 suplentes)
Evacuación Primera Planta (2 titulares y 2 suplentes)
Evacuación Segunda planta (2 titulares y 2 suplentes)

Competences of the Committee:
This is the body responsible for the planning, coordination and monitoring of all matters related to safety in the Faculty of Pharmacy, especially those related to the risks inherent in the teaching activities carried out in the practical laboratories. This committee is responsible for:

  • To monitor the incidents that have occurred and take the necessary measures to prevent their recurrence. Its competences include matters relating to safety in the Bioincubator Building, which houses the research laboratories.
  • Drawing up, updating and/or distributing the necessary documents (such as the Faculty of Pharmacy Safety Guide) to guarantee the safety of all members of the Faculty and the implementation of the different measures.
  • Training of new students on safety in the teaching laboratories by means of an informative talk at the beginning of the academic year and collection of safety certificates.
  • Training of new users of the Bioincubator research laboratories by means of an informative talk.
  • Control of the good condition of the PPE in the different laboratories.
  • Participation of the members of the commission in the First Intervention Team that will be in charge of the evacuation of the Faculty if necessary.

Members of the Commission:

     - Dean (President)
     - Vice-Dean of Planning, Innovation and External Relations (Secretary)
     - Virgina Rodríguez Robledo
     - María F. Galindo Anaya
     - Pilar Clemente Casares
     - María Teresa Alonso Martínez
     - Carmen Ruiz López

Ground Floor Evacuation (2 members and 2 substitutes)
First Floor Evacuation (2 incumbents and 2 substitutes)
Second Floor Evacuation (2 members and 2 substitutes)