Validations and Credit Transfer Committee

This Committee is responsible for reviewing applications for validation once the procedures for verification of the requirements indicated in the regulations have been completed; and once they have been provisionally informed by virtue of the reports from the lecturers of the subjects applied for.


By agreement of the Faculty Board (dated 16/01/2018, section 2.1) the powers of this Committee are delegated to the Academic Secretary, who will request reports from the lecturers of each subject on the relevance or otherwise of the validations requested in accordance with the general criteria for credit recognition of the UCLM (article 2.2.2 (*) of the Regulations on Credit Recognition and Transfer of the UCLM, approved by the Governing Council of 21/02/2012).


(*) Article 2.2.2. It must be taken into account that recognition will be granted when it is verified that the credits present a degree of similarity in competences, contents and quantity of at least 60% with respect to the modules, subjects and subjects of the target degree.


The documentation relating to this subject can be found here.