Entry Profile

It is considered important that students have studied in High School: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

Thus, students at the beginning of their undergraduate studies will have the basic tools that will allow them to advance in the knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics.

For this reason, it is recommended that students have completed the Bachelor's Degree in Science and Technology. In this baccalaureate, it is recommended to choose preferably the options of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

Given that most of the bibliography used in the studies is written in English, it is highly recommended that students be fluent in this language, which will also allow them to access the Mobility Programs more easily.

In short, they are considered suitable for those people who are going to begin their studies in Pharmacy, who are in possession of the following skills and knowledge:

Ability of oral and written expression of a scientific topic.
Knowledge of English
Basic knowledge of Biology
Basic knowledge of Chemistry
Basic knowledge of Physics
Basic knowledge of Mathematics
Students requesting transfer of transcripts from other university centers, it is recommended that they contact the Academic Secretary so that he/she can help them in the orientation and recognition of credits.

Table of validation and recognition of credits here.

This list shows the applications processed by university of origin.