Extra-curricular activities


What is the Frater programme?

It is an educational innovation programme based on helping new students to integrate into the Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacy and university life in general.
In this programme, students in the second and higher years (student mentors or Frater) are responsible for accompanying, guiding and advising first-year students, who are distributed in small groups, after their arrival at the university, facilitating the formation of human bonds between them all.

What does the Frater programme offer me?


If you are a new student, you will find it very useful to have a person who has been through the same thing as you before, in order to face the new academic year with greater guarantees in a totally different environment to the one you knew before. Your Frater will be someone you can turn to whenever you need help, and who will be there in good times and bad to cheer you up and encourage you.
On the other hand, if you are a student in the first year and you don't know whether to enter this programme, you should know that it will give you personal satisfaction to know that you are helping people like you, in the same way that they helped you. In addition, thanks to this programme you will be able to get to know the new students, strengthening the aforementioned bonds and social skills of all those involved, as well as contributing to improving the human environment of the Faculty of which we are all a part.
Finally, you should also remember that if you participate in the programme you will receive training courses, which will be given by teams of professional psychologists with experience in mentoring projects and educational innovation. In addition, by completing the programme's activities during the academic year, your work will be recognised with an ECTS credit.

Where has the Frater programme been present and what has it developed?

The Frater programme of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UCLM has been present at national (Valencia, 2013; Madrid, 2014) and international (Florence, 2015) educational innovation conferences, where presentations or posters have been presented regarding its purpose, content or dynamics.
Among the different communications presented, it is important to highlight the first one (Frater: an innovative Project for freshmen) as well as the one published as an article (To be or not to be a mentor: assessment of the efficacy of a peer mentoring program in the University of Castilla-La Mancha); and whose abstract you can see by clicking here.



What do I need to participate in the Frater programme?

Fill in the application form for the 2018/2019 academic year, which can be found in the news section of this website. And, above all, a great willingness to help other people.





What is the initiation to research?

It is an original programme of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UCLM, consisting of stays in scientific research laboratories, under the supervision of a tutor from the University of Castilla-La Mancha and related in some way to the Faculty. Thanks to this, the student is involved in an ongoing scientific project, and also has the great opportunity to get to know the day-to-day life of a researcher. The programme ends with an oral presentation by the student of what he/she has done in the laboratory where he/she has been.

What does this programme offer me?

Firstly, the development of multiple skills related to the field of research and, as a result of this, first-hand knowledge of a possible future job opportunity. Finally, as it is a university activity, it can be recognised with an ECTS credit.

What do I need to participate?

Fill in the application form that appears in the terms and conditions of the call for applications and take it to Teaching Support or send it by e-mail to apoyodocencia.farmacia.ab@uclm.es 


Documentation related to this activity (Initiation to Research)


What are these conferences?

These are several meetings with professionals in the field of pharmacy that take place periodically throughout the academic year. Their content varies, as they include the presence of pharmacists, FIR residents, members of NGOs in the pharmaceutical field and researchers from the biosanitary branch, among many others.

The culmination of these conferences takes place every year with the annual Scientific Research Workshop, in which scientific researchers present several different projects, in a morning session devoted entirely to the dissemination of research.

What is in it for me as a student?

First of all, these workshops are real pharmacists' experiences, with which you can orientate your future in a certain direction. Moreover, thanks to them you can discover new job opportunities that you were unaware of until then. And, in any case, you will learn what kind of activity a pharmacist can carry out after finishing his or her university studies. 

Finally, if you attend all the talks that make up this conference, including the Workshop, your participation in this conference will be recognised with an ECTS credit.