Final Degree Project

The Final Degree Project (TFG) is a 6 ECTS subject corresponding to the 5th year of the Degree in Pharmacy.

It consists of the student writing a report containing a bibliographical review and a proposal for a research project on the topic of study assigned to him/her under the supervision of a lecturer from the Faculty of Pharmacy, who will act as tutor.

The TFG may also be co-supervised by two lecturers. The regulations on the preparation and defence of the TFG are regulated by the Regulations of the University of Castilla La-Mancha and those of the Faculty of Pharmacy.

This subject enables students to integrate the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies, with a critical spirit and autonomy. It also allows students to assess their maturity in the handling of bibliographic sources, and their ability to present their results, using an appropriate design and language, both oral and written.

The description of this subject can be found in the Guide.

Final Degree Project Committee

The development and monitoring of the Final Degree Project in the Faculty of Pharmacy is organised by a Committee appointed by the Dean of the Faculty.

Members of the Committee

- CHAIRPERSON: Dean or person delegated by the Dean.
- SECRETARY: 5th year coordinator: María Galindo Anaya.
- DEGREE COORDINATOR: María Luisa Nueda Sanz
- TEACHING STAFF REPRESENTATIVES: Andrés Garzón Ruiz and Jorge de las Heras Ibáñez
- STAFF REPRESENTATIVE: Teaching Support Manager

TFG Offer and Assignment

Before the start of each academic year, the lecturers who teach at the Centre must propose a certain number of subjects for possible tutoring, which will be communicated to the CTFG. The proposed topics will be broad in scope, so that they can be specified by tutor and student once they have been assigned. Alternatively, students may propose TFG topics to tutors of their choice whose area of knowledge is taught at the centre. If the tutor accepts the proposal, it must be communicated to the CTFG, which will include it in the list of topics for publication. These works established by teacher-student agreement will count towards the minimum number of TFGs that must be offered by the area of knowledge to which the lecturer belongs.

The list of tutors and students who have agreed to tutor a TFG subject will be published on the Virtual Campus. The CTFG will also publish, with sufficient notice, the list of tutors and topics that have not been agreed upon by tutors and students.

 The CTFG will organise the act of assigning a tutor and topic to students who have not previously reached a specific agreement with a tutor. In order to do so, students must present, at the Teaching Support Office and within the period established in the academic calendar, the "TFG Subject and Tutor Application Form" duly completed. The topics that may be chosen by students will be those that appear on the list of tutors and free topics published previously. The allocation of tutors and topics will be carried out by assessing the applications according to the academic record.
Once the tutors and subjects have been assigned, the list of tutors and subjects will be published as soon as possible on the Virtual Campus and a period of five working days will be established for complaints.

Calendar dates TFG

Preparation and Submission of the Final Degree Project

Preparation of the TFG report

Consult the Moodle platform of the subject.

Deposit of the dissertation and documents required for the defence of the TFG

At least fifteen calendar days before the date of the public act of oral defence of the TFG, students must submit:

a) At the Teaching Support Unit of the Faculty of Pharmacy:

    - Three copies of the TFG report printed on paper, according to the format previously established by the CTFG, which will be made explicit on the Virtual Campus. It is recommended that the paper copies are as environmentally friendly as possible. For this reason, it is recommended that the binding be simple and that the printing of figures and tables be double-sided and in greyscale.
    - Annexes I and III signed and countersigned by the tutor.
    - Annex II, in a sealed envelope, signed and countersigned by the tutor.
    - Annex IV corresponding to the "Tribunal Application".
    - Appendix V authorising the deposit of a copy of the TFG report in the UCLM library.

b) On the Virtual Campus platform:

    - A digital copy, in Word or PDF format, of the TFG report. In this file, the figures will be included in colour, when necessary.
    - At least one day before the date of the oral defence, the student must submit a copy of the oral presentation in PowerPoint or PDF format on the Virtual Campus.

Defence and Evaluation


After passing the Supervised Practicals subject linked to the first rotation, the defence of the TFG corresponding to the ordinary call will take place in March, and the defence corresponding to the extraordinary call will take place during the month of July.

After passing the Supervised Practicals subject linked to the second rotation, the defence of the TFG corresponding to the ordinary call will take place during the month of July, and the defence corresponding to the extraordinary call will take place during the month of October.

Assessment and grading procedure

The defence of the TFG before the Assessment Boards will be public and will be held for a maximum of fifteen minutes. In it, the student must make clear the objectives, the working hypothesis, the methodology, the expected results and the conclusions of the work. The panel will then debate with the student for a maximum of ten minutes, during which the student must respond to the comments and questions posed by the members of the panel. After the defence, each member of the examining board will individually mark each student's dissertation according to the published assessment criteria (Appendix VI).

Information of Interest

The TFG may be defended and assessed once the student has passed all the remaining subjects in the syllabus.

In all cases, the dates for the defence of the TFG for each call will be listed in the official calendar. At least 15 calendar days before the public act of defence, students must have submitted the appropriate documentation. Students who have not submitted the relevant documentation on time will be considered to have decided not to use that call.