Quality Commission

Since 1996, Spanish universities have been evaluating the quality of their degree programmes by incorporating improvements in them, through the National Plan for the Evaluation of University Quality, the Second Quality Plan for Universities, ANECA's Institutional Evaluation Programme, and/or other similar programmes developed by regional agencies. Moreover, since 2005, the proposals for official postgraduate programmes have also been subject to evaluation to verify the validity of the designs presented before these degrees are taught. Likewise, since 2003, processes have been developed to guarantee the quality of teaching staff joining the University, through the evaluation of their teaching and research merits by an evaluation agency external to the Universities themselves. In addition, since 1981, student surveys on satisfaction with the teaching received have been commonplace, and recently this type of survey has been extended to include graduates and employers. 

The new organisation of higher education in Spain, driven by European convergence and the establishment of the EHEA, has promoted the design and implementation of internal quality assurance systems as a requirement for new official university degrees (Royal Decree 1393/2007) for whose registration the final approval of the Council of Universities is required, linking its decision to the positive report of the ANECA (VERIFICA programme). 

With all these precedents, the Management of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UCLM believes that the implementation of an Internal Quality Assurance System (SGIC) of the Centre is strategically very opportune. It seems reasonable and convenient to set up a Quality Assurance Committee of the Faculty to design, develop and review the Quality Assurance System, with the aim of ensuring that future training processes are governed by quality principles. The Quality Assurance Committee has a set of operating regulations and has designed a list of procedures (some directly from the UCLM and others from the Faculty itself) for the development of each of the chapters adapted to criterion 9 of ANECA's VERIFICA programme. All these procedures are developed in the Quality Assurance System Procedures Manual, based on measurement, analysis and improvement processes.

The Quality Assurance Committee of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the UCLM is appointed by the Centre's Management Team. Its composition ensures the representation of the PDI, PAS and students of the degree. The Centre Management will renew the resignations that occur in the Committee, which, if necessary, must be ratified or modified when there is a change in the management team of the Faculty as a result of elections.

Members and Powers