UCLM in Equality - Pharmacy 2023


We are pleased to share with you the infographic "UCLM in Equality" of the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Albacete Campus. This infographic presents information on the presence of women in our faculty both in student body (undergraduate and master), PDI (labor, tenured and professor) and PAS, and how it has advanced in the last decade compared to the average of the UCLM.

We invite everyone to visit our website where the infographic has been placed so that you can learn about the information that has been collected and analyzed in the framework of gender equality in our faculty.

The infographic has been printed in large size and is located in several visible places in the building so that all students, PDI and PAS can access it and know the progress in gender equality in our faculty.

We thank all members of the university community for their commitment to the promotion of gender equality in our faculty and in the university in general.