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The Ciudad Real campus hosts the 1st Forum for University Volunteers

The UCLM nurtures student volunteering as a way of collaborating with civil rights initiatives

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The UCLM nurtures student volunteering as a way of collaborating with civil rights initiatives


The Ciudad Real campus held the 1st Forus for University Volunteers. This is an initiative organised by the University of Castilla-La Mancha which connects 230 students and almost thirty civil rights associations and institutions. In this way, students can become acquainted with them and new possibilities can open up for collaboration on issues which the general public are concerned about. The activity, inaugurated by the chancellor of the regional university, Julián Garde, is part of the University Volunteering Programme which the university set in motion this academic year, which 41 institutions have attached to and 270 members of the academic community are participating in.

Over 230 students and almost thirty institutions participated in the 1st Forum for University Volunteers which was held at the Faculty of Education on the Ciudad Real Campus, within the framework of the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) Volunteers Programme. The aim of this is to connect the university community with different NGOs and civil rights associations and institutions. This way, students can be introduced to the initiatives they are involved in, the resources they have and they can participate in their projects which will give them an insight into a different outlook on reality by volunteering.

Organised by the Vice-chancellor´s office for Culture, Sport and Social Responsibility, the UCLM General Foundation, the University Institute for Conflict Resolution and the Social Welfare Council from the Castilla-La Mancha Regional Government, the Forum for University volunteers was inaugurated this morning by the UCLM chancellor, Julián Garde. As a way of encouraging young people in the area to participate in charitable movements and to raise awareness on civil rights, he remarked upon the good take up the University Volunteers Programme has had since it began in October last year,

Garde explained that 270 members of the university community, most of whom are students, are participating in this programme. They were eager to become involved in volunteering. In fact, around fifty of them were already involved in activities linked to social education intervention with minors, training monitors and talks, supporting science programmes and healthy routes, support and guidance, care support in sporting pursuits or help workshops for those with learning difficulties, among others.

Moreover, to these  must be added the 41 social entities which are attached to the UCLM Volunteer Programme. This means over 500 places for volunteers will be provided. Currently, the 87 places on offer are distributed between a dozen institutions. 
Round tables and information stands 

After the inauguration, the University Volunteers Forum held a round table about volunteering and civil rights  and another one focused on diversity, gender and equality. There was also a workshop on ethical consumption and environmental education from the programme for Sahari refugee camps from the Faculty of Education from the UCLM Volunteering Programme. 

UCLM Communication Office Ciudad Real, 22nd of March 2022


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