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Research and Scientific Policy

Research commission


Created by Agreement of the Governing Board of 17th of November of 1988. There will be ordinary meetings of the Research Commission  at least twice a year and  extraordinary meeting as many times as needed to resolve urgent and/or  pressing matters. In both cases they will be called by the Chairperson who will also specify the order of the day.

  • Chairperson: the Vice-chancellor´s office for Research
  • 8 members of the Teaching and Research Staff 
  • 1 secretary designated by the Chairperson

(Agreements of Board of Governors: 21st of  February 2012)

  • Chairperson: Vice-chancellor´s office for Research and Scientific Policy) 
  • Members:
    • Mr Juan Francisco Llopis Borras (Director of Regional Centre for Biomedical Research-CRIB)
    • Mr Antonio Leandro Otero Montero (Director of Dpt Inorganic  and Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)
    • Mr Manuel de Castro Muñoz de Lucas (Director of Toledo Institute for Environmental Sciences)
    • Mr Juan Sisinio Pérez Garzón (Director Dpt of History)
    • Mr Ricardo Manuel Gómez Ladrón de Guevara (Director of Department of Science and Agroforestry Technology and Genetics)
    • Mr Antonio Roberto Piriz (Director of Institute for Energy and Industrial Applications Research)
    • Mr Pedro Cesar Cerrillo Torremocha. (Director of  Study Centres for the Promotion of Reading and Children´s Literature- CEPLI)
    • Ms Ana Isabel Briones Pérez (Director of Department of Chemical Analysis and Food Technology)

The duties of the Research Commission are:

  • To put forward the budgetary policies for departments and research centres regarding the carrying out of research work, as well as distribution of external resources for promoting research, for the Board of Directors to study and approve them
  • To design and approve the internal assistance programmes for research as well as deciding how these are assigned and distributed.
  • To report about the opportunity for and justification for the creation or abolition of research centres.
  • To draw up rules for the recognition and running of research groups.
  • To draw up the Research Reports.
  • Any other powers conferred on it by the Law, Statutes, the Chancellor or Board of Governors of the UCLM.

Research ethics commission

The University of  Castilla-La Mancha must ensure that the legislation in force on research ethics is observed. For this purpose and to clarify the different suppositions and regulations  which must be common knowledge for its researchers, it has established a Research Ethics Commission. The fundamental mission of this Commission is to structure, inform and monitor if professional ethics regulations for scientific research are observed.

When there are mandatory reports to assess research projects, the different Committees will, at least one week before the deadline for receiving applications, receive a summarized protocol which will enable a preliminary report to be drawn up by this deadline.

Before the time ends between the end of the  call and its resolution, the pertinent Committee  will make an assessment by means of a full protocol to adapt the project to  the ethical rules and will have  prepared a final report , which will be passed on to the Research Ethics Commission which will be mandatory for acceptance of the project, that is, for obtaining the signature of the legal representative of the UCLM, in this case the Vice-chancellor´s office for Research.

Monitoring and control of the professional ethics set whilst various projects are carried out will be the duty of the corresponding Committee.

The Committees must communicate the bioethics problem and show the university community the need to take responsibility for  disclosing new knowledge and its results. To carry out this duty, it must ensure that the laws, regulations and reports that are published on research ethics are communicated correctly.




The Ethics Commission is made up of the Chairperson, the Vice-chancellor for Research or person this is delegated to, the Secretary and three Members, who are, in turn, the UCLM representative at one of the CEICs of the different campuses,  among which are chosen; the Chairperson of the CEEA and the Chairperson of the CIOMABB.



José Julian Garde López - Brea. Vice-chancellor´s office for Research and Scientific Policy.


Isabel Turégano Mansilla. Cuenca Faculty of  Social Sciences.

  • CEIC Representative (Inés Martínez Galán)
  • CEEA Chairperson (Christian Gortázar Schmidt)
  • CIOMABB Chairperson (Jorge Laborda Fernández)


The Commission of Ethics in Research is, in turn, made up of three Committees.

Ethics Committee on Clinical Research 


 Albacete Campus:

  • Carmen Díaz Delgado (Faculty of Medicine)
  • Pilar Marcos Rabal (Faculty of Medicine)

Ciudad Real Campus:

  • José Luis Albasanz Herrero (Faculty of Sciences and Chemical Technologies)
  • María Isabel Porras Gallo (Faculty of Medicine)

 Toledo Campus:

  • Inés Martínez Galán (University College of Nursing and Physiotherapy)
  • Jesús Santos del Cerro (Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences)

Ethics Committee on Research with Genetically Modified Organisms, Biological Agents and Biosafety

  • To issue reports about confined use and voluntary release of biological agents and genetically modified organisms, when carrying out research projects.
  • To draw up and apply local codes of conduct for the safety of research staff and for the biological safety of the environment.
  • To ensure specific safety regulations and professional hygiene is observed and to apply the principles of good microbiological practices.

Jorge Laborda Fernández  (Faculty of Medicine. AB)


Julián Gómez González  (School of Agricultural Engineering. CR)

  • Úrsula Höfle Hansen (Institute for  Cynegetics Resources -IREC CR)
  • Ricardo Gómez Ladrón de Guevara  (Higher Technical School of Agricultural Engineering and Forestry. AB)
  • María de la Montaña Mena Marugán (Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Biochemistry. TO)
  • Julia Samos Juárez (Faculty of Medicine. AB)

Doctorate Commission


It is regulated by article 60 of the University Statutes.


The Doctorate Commission will be made up of seven P.h.D professors from the university teaching bodies, who are high standing, and belong to different areas of knowledge, chosen by the Board of Governors for a four year period.


(Agreements of Board of Governors: 21st of  February 2012)

  • Chairperson: Vice-chancellor´s office for Research and Scientific Policy)
  • Members:
    • Ms Carmen Díaz Delgado (Faculty of Medicine. AB)
    • Mr Antonio De la Hoz Ayuso (Faculty of Chemical Sciences CR)
    • Mr Publio Pintado Sanjuán (Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering CR)
    • Mr Antonio Fernández Caballero (School of Industrial Engineering. AB)
    • Ms Carmen Díaz Mora (Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences. TO)
    • Mr Rafael González Cañal (Faculty of Arts. CR)
  • Scheduling and ordering Doctorates

Advisory Council for Scientific Culture and Technology


Recently created.


(Agreements of Board of Governors: 21st of  February 2012)

  • Chairperson: Vice-chancellor´s office for Research and Scientific Policy)
  • Secretary (Faculty of Law-Albacete)
  • Members
  • Teaching and Research Staff::
    • Mr Miguel Olmeda Fernández (Director of Dpt of Vegetable Production and Agricultural Technology)
    • Mr Alino José Martínez Marcos (Ciudad Real  Faculty of Medicine)
    • Mr Antonio Mas López (Albacete Faculty of  Pharmacy)
    • Mr Xavier Aguado Jodar (Toledo- Faculty of Sports Sciences)
    • Mr Javier González Pérez (Ciudad Real Higher Technical School of Road, Canal and Port Engineering (civil engineering).
  • Administrative and Services Staff:
    • Ms Santiaga Gutiérrez Casanova (Director Research Management Unit)
    • Mr Andrés Boixo Medina (Deputy director: of  the Financial Management Unit on the CR Campus)
  • 2 Studentss:
    • Mr Antonio Jesús Marco Molina: Centre Delegate for the E.I.I (School of Industrial Engineering) (Albacete)
    • Mr José Fernando Pérez Serrano: Delegate of the  Faculty of  Chemistry (Ciudad Real)

The Advisory Council for Scientific Culture and Technology at the UCLM was created to coordinate and link up society, the production and business sectors, the UCLM, the scientific community and the Castilla-La Mancha administrations in research, technological development and innovation matters. This council was created in order to carry out a long list of activities related with the provision of information about science, among which coordination of the Night of Researchers, and the UCLM Research Week  , a range of presentations on  informative books, expositions and scientific experiments workshops are especially noteworthy. Likewise, within the framework of this Council, it is  possible to carry out doctoral theses within this discipline for  the provision of information about science and technology.