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What factors determine the allocation of places?

Based on the application of the admission criteria established in Royal Decree 412/2014 of 6 June (B.O.E. 7 June) and the Resolution of 04/05/2018 of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, which publishes the regulations for admission to official undergraduate university studies at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, approved by the Governing Council (DOCM 16 May 2018), your chances of access will generally depend on the combination of the following circumstances:

  • Studies completed that grant you access to university (Entrance exams, vocational training, graduates, individuals over 25 years old, individuals over 40 years old, individuals over 45 years old)
  • Session in which you passed them (regular or extraordinary)
  • Grade obtained
  • Number of available spots for the desired course of study
  • If you meet the requirements to apply for a spot through multiple access routes and/or reservation percentage (Vocational Training and University Degree, Disability, specific access mode, etc.), you should indicate it during the pre-registration process so that the University can consider the most advantageous option for you when allocating spots.
  • Order in which you request the studies, as this order indicates the preference or priority of access to them.

What is priority calling?

  • For the allocation of places, preference will be given to the marks obtained in studies or assessment tests held in the ordinary call of the current year or previous years, as opposed to those of the extraordinary call of the current year.

If after taking the EvAU (University Entrance Exams), my expectations regarding the chosen institutions change, can I modify the pre-registration request made online?

You can modify your application online at any time while the pre-enrolment period is open.

If I have taken the EvAU at the UCLM, what do I have to do if, once I have pre-registered, my marks are modified after the revision of marks?

Even if your initial grade is modified, the modified grade will be taken into account when deciding your pre-enrolment application without you having to take any steps.    

If I am excluded from the pre-registration lists, do I have any chance of admission?

Yes, that is why the University establishes dates for READMISSIONS and the corresponding dates for enrolment after the publication of the initial pre-enrolment lists.

Remember that if you want to take part in the readmission process, you will have to log in to the Virtual Secretary's Office and mark the studies you want to take part in. Don't forget to click on "Confirm Data".

This process must be carried out each time admission lists are published and will be available until 12:00 noon on the working day immediately prior to the day on which the readmission decision is made. If after the publication of the 1st admission you do not confirm your request, you will disappear from the rejection lists.

What is the specific test for access to the Faculty of Sports Sciences?

  • If you apply in pre-registration for the studies of Physical Activity and Sport you will have to take a test which you must pass as a compulsory prerequisite for obtaining a place in these studies.
  • You can obtain information about these exams in each of the campus Academic Management Units, in the Faculty of Sports Sciences in Toledo, in the section How to pre-enrol and through the UGAC telephone numbers.
  • In the section How to pre-register you can consult the registration and test dates.