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here are several options to access the results of your pre-enrolment application at the UCLM.

  • By e-mail: UCLM will send you an e-mail with the results of your pre-enrolment application.
  • By means of the highlighted page on the home page of the UCLM website.
  • Through the Virtual Secretariat.

In case you meet the requirement access in more than one modality, it is very important that you check the results of pre-enrolment in both modalities. The dates for the publication of the pre-enrolment results can be consulted in the section How to pre-enrol.

Enrolment appointment

At the same time as the results of the pre-enrolment are shown, the pre-enrolment appointment will be published. These can be consulted:

  • Through the link that we will send you in the e-mail with the communication of the results of your pre-registration application.
  • In the virtual secretary's office that appears on the home page. Then you will have to enter the credential you created.    


Once the pre-enrolment lists have been published, if you find any inaccuracies regarding the data provided in your application, you have a period of 2 working days from the publication of the lists to make a complaint.

You can submit your complaint through the Virtual Secretary's Office.


You should bear in mind that claims alleging any of the following causes, among others, will be unfavourably resolved:

  • Request of modifications to the studies requested in the pre-enrolment.
  • Complaints about not being accepted in any program.


If you are excluded from any of the studies you applied for with a higher preference than the one granted, or if you have not been admitted to any of those you applied for and you are still interested in occupying any of those places that have become vacant, you should bear in mind that if you want to participate in the readmission process, you will have to connect to the Virtual Secretary's Office and mark the studies you wish to participate in.

This process must be carried out each time admission lists are published and will be available until 12:00 noon on the day immediately prior to their publication. If after the publication of the 1st admission you do not confirm your request, you will disappear from the rejection lists.

The allocation of places for readmission will always be carried out considering the studies requested with a higher preference than the one obtained in the pre-registration lists, therefore, those requested with a lower preference than the one initially granted in the lists will not be taken into account.

The results of the successive re-admissions will be published on the dates indicated and in the same places and media as the pre-registration results.