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New approaches and technologies in monitoring environmental sustainability

University of Castilla-La Mancha

Course description

This course aims to provide students with the tools to tackle the questions related to climate change. The course will be given by professors from the School of Environmental Science and Biochemistry and from the Institute of Environmental Sciences.

The course can be taken in conjunction with the afternoon Spanish Language and Culture classes which allow students to put into practice their language skills learned in class by taking part in the cultural visits throughout Toledo, a trip to Madrid as well as trips to other historical sites.

Academic program

Module 1: Generating and Applying Climate Change Projections

Module 2: Monitoring the Impact of Climate Change

Module 3: The Tracking of Endangered Species

Module 4: Monitoring and Management of Protected Areas in Europe: Natura 2000 Network

Module 5: Air Quality

Module 6: Evaluation and Monitoring of the Soil Quality

Module 7: Land Remediation

Module 8: Advanced Techniques for the Treatment and Recycling of Solid Waste

Module 9: Evaluation and Monitoring of Water Quality

Module 10: Hydrology: Planning and Management

Cultural program

Apart from the theoretical contents of the Academic Program, the course concludes with a series of cultural tours around Toledo, which was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO. Additionally, students will take a walking tour of Madrid and visit the Prado Museum, visit areas which were talked about in the Academic Course, and take a tour of a winery in order to learn about the wine making process, one of the most typical products of Castilla-La Mancha and one which has had an increasingly strong international presence.