#Run without resistance! in Albacete.


#Run without resistance! in Albacete. 🏃🏃

2nd PRAN University Race "Run without resistance!

Did you know that around 33,000 people die every year in Europe as a result of hospital infections caused by resistant bacteria? And that according to the Minimum Basic Data Set Registry (CMBD), around 4,000 people die annually in Spain as a result of infections caused by resistant bacteria (four times as many deaths as those caused by traffic accidents)? The increase in antibiotic resistance is due to several factors, but the inappropriate and indiscriminate use of antibiotics is one of the main contributors to this phenomenon. To raise public awareness of the importance of responsible use of antibiotics, we invite you to participate in the second edition of the university race "Run without resistance!

You can register from today at http://eventos.uclm.es/go/carrerapran. This sporting event is promoted by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products in the framework of the National Plan against Antibiotic Resistance (PRAN).

RACE DAY : 13 November 2022.

PARTICIPATION: open to students and professors of the universities, other university staff and the general public. (Maximum 400 participants per Campus).

The proceeds (3 euros/participant) will go to the Red Cross.

You can find more information about the race at https://resistenciaantibioticos.es/es/noticias/corre-sin-resistencias-vuelve-las-calles-de-9-ciudades-para-celebrar-la-semana-mundial-de and about resistance at @PRANgob and www.resistenciaantibioticos.es