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School of Industrial and Aerospace Engineering - Toledo

Teaching and research since 1983


The Toledo School of Industrial and Aerospace Engineering offers three undergraduate degrees in: Electrical Engineering, Industrial Electronics and Automatic Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. The School has extensive experience in the training of engineers in the different branches of Industrial Engineering, since its creation in 1983. It has specialized teaching staff and a wide range of experimental equipment, laboratories and computer rooms, to complement the training of Our students.

Also, the Teaching and Research Staff and the EIIA research groups develop a broad and multidisciplinary research task. Research carried out in our own School and in associated research centers, such as the Institute for Applied Research in the Aeronautical Industry (INAIA) and the Institute of Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials (INAMOL).

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Avenida Carlos III s/n
Campus Real Fábrica de Armas, Edificio 6
45071 Toledo (ESPAÑA)
Tfno.: 925 268 847

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