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ews transparency is  a principle on which the activity of the University of  Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) is sustained and in virtue of which this academic institution began to work over a decade ago with precursor initiatives such as the so-called UCLM in figures which  showed in statistics an  approximation of the progress and situations of  the academic institution in every academic year.

In the year 2014, after the Law 19/2013 of the 9th of December as regards transparency, access to public information and sound governance, came into force, the UCLM developed the Transparency Portal, which incorporates information from the UCLM in Figures and arranges the procedures for obtaining and presenting data so as to improve their accessibility.

The information gathered by the Transparency Portal attempts to show a truthful picture of  the  UCLM situation, activity and results, and comes from  the collective effort of the whole university community in a project coordinated by the Secretary General and carried out with the support of the  Office for Planning and Quality.

We trust that it is useful and remain open to any questions regarding its use as well as to proposals and suggestions for improving it over time.

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