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Obligatory general conditions


he body of data that the UCLM has at its disposal  is protected by the legislation in force regarding this: Law 37/2007 of the 16th of November, on the reuse of public sector information and Royal Decree 1495/2011, of the 24th of October which implements it, the purpose of which is the protection and commitment to reuse.

Obligatory general conditions

These general conditions will bind any reuse agent due to the mere fact of  using the documents subject to them.

Authorization for reuse and non exclusive transfer of intellectual property rights

These general conditions permit the documents subject to them to be reused for both commercial and non commercial purposes. Reuse of documents is understood to refer to those that are in the power of organizations of the General administration of the State and other organizations and institutions from the public sector as referred to in article 1.2 of Royal Decree 1495/2011 of the 24th of October, which implements Law 37/2007 of the 16th of November on the reuse of public sector information , by individuals and legal entities for commercial and non commercial purposes, providing that  this use does not  constitute an act of public administration. Examples of authorized reuse include actions such as copying, spreading, amending, adapting, extracting, reordering and combining the information.

The concept of the document is that set out in section 2 of article 3 of Law 37/2007 of the 16th of November, on reuse of public sector information, which is all information regardless of whether it is physical or electronic media as well as the way it is expressed graphically or with sound or the picture used, which, as a consequence, includes all data at its most disintegrated or "  raw"levels .

This authorization likewise, entails free and non exclusive transfer of intellectual property rights, if applicable, which corresponds to these documents, authorizing any necessary reproduction, distribution, public communication or  transformation to  be carried out for  the reuse authorized, in any mode and in any format, for the whole world and for a period of time permitted by Law.

General conditions for reuse

The following general conditions apply for reuse of the documents subject to them:

  • 1. It is forbidden to denature the sense of the information
  • 2. The source of the document to be used must be quoted. This may be done in the following way: "Data origin: The University of Castilla-La Mancha".
  • 3. The last date the document to be reused was updated must be mentioned, provided that it was included in the original document.
  • 4. Any indication, insinuation or suggestion that the University of Castilla-La Mancha sponsors or supports the reuse carried out is forbidden.
  • 5. The metadata, if applicable, for the updating date and the conditions of reuse must be kept and not altered or removed, including them, if applicable, in the document available for reuse.


The use of the data as a whole will be made by the users or reuse agents    by themselves and at their own risk, and they will be exclusively liable to answer for any damages caused by third parties.

The University of  Castilla-La Mancha accepts no responsibility  for the reuse  the  agents make of it that either directly or indirectly causes or may cause financial loss or damage to the materials or to the data.

The University of  Castilla-La Mancha does not guarantee continuous availability  of the reused documents, in  neither its contents nor its form and accepts no responsibility for any error or omission therein.

Responsibility of reuse agent.

The reuse agent is subject to the applicable regulation regarding the reuse of public sector information, including the system of penalties foreseen in article 11 of Law 37/2007, of the 16th of November on the reuse of public sector information.»