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UCLM International Mobility

n order to answer the questions that, due to the situation of global health alert caused by COVID-19, may arise, the International Relations Office of the UCLM have prepared this F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) for incoming international students for this 2019/20 or the following 2020/21 academic year. If you do not find an answer to your question, you can contact us at ori@uclm.es 

Information only available in Spanish.

2.1.  What financial aid I'm going to get? If you are an Erasmus+ KA103 or Own Program student, the aid depends on your home university, so you should go directly to the International Bureau or your tutor at your university. If you are an Erasmus+ KA107 student, UCLM is responsible for the management. You'll keep the entire aid, as long as you follow UCLM's non-face-to-face teaching. If you find yourself in the obligation to extend your stay at UCLM due to the health emergency, we will consider extending the stay, as well as the corresponding help. You should contact ori@uclm.es

2.2.  I follow UCLM's non-face-to-face classes. If you continue in Castilla-La Mancha and take the non-in-person teaching of UCLM or if you have returned to your residence and follow the non-face-to-face teaching of UCLM, your mobility follows its normal course under the circumstances. You must follow very carefully the indications of your faculty in UCLM and the teachers of your subjects in relation to the evaluation systems that are established. All subjects taken at UCLM will be recorded in your academic certificate that will be sent to your university of origin when your stay ends, along with the corresponding end-of-stay certificate. If you haven't already, confirm your situation with your home university and UCLM faculty.

2.3.  I follow the non-face-to-face classes, but I have to make modifications. If you have returned to your habitual residence and follow the non-face-to-face teaching of UCLM, but you must make some modification of the initial study agreement, it is a simple process: you communicate the change to your centre coordinator, who will confirm your authorization by email and communicate it to the ORI for change in the corresponding registration. Remember, however, that compliance from your home university is mandatory. You should follow very carefully the indications of your faculty in UCLM and faculty regarding the evaluation systems that are being established. In cases of time difference difficulties, or where there is any face-to-face evidence in UCLM that you could not attend because you are in your habitual residence, you should contact the academic head of your centre to know the specific adaptation that will apply to you.

2.4.  I have returned to my usual place of residence and do not follow UCLM classes. If you have returned to your home university or place of habitual residence and waived non-face education from UCLM, you must communicate your decision to your centre coordinator and ORI at UCLM and your university. The ORI of your campus will send your end-of-stay certificate as well as your academic certificate to your home university so that you receive the corresponding recognition of the credits already passed in UCLM during your stay.

2.5.  I cannot return to my usual place of residence because of confinement. If you have difficulty returning to your habitual residence outside Spain due to the restrictions in force for travel, border closure, or absence of public transport, inform the ORI of your campus of your situation and your desire to return to your habitual residence. Please contact the Embassy or Consulate of your country of nationality or habitual residence to find out about possible flights or return trips. Read frequently the website of the corresponding consulate; returns of citizens and permanent residents from Spain to different countries are being organized. These trips are often organized with great rainfall, so it is important to remember the following: Talk to the executive office of your university residence or the person who leases your apartment to agree on the economic conditions in case you leave your current accommodation. Prepare bags in advance as much as possible. This is because of the precipitation with which some returns are organized, but also because in some cases the amount of luggage you can carry is limited. Therefore, consider sending some groceries by transport companies specialized in that service, but remember that they usually require about 5 to 7 days of notice to pick up your shipment. Check existing means of public transport to get to the departure point of flights/trips. Cancellations are occurring without notice, so we recommend that you plan the journey to get to the departure point well in advance about the departure time. To justify the need for this type of travel within Spain in most cases it is sufficient to present your mobility student credential, your ticket, and your passport with justification of your usual address. In some cases, your consulate may also issue you with a report on the need for travel and you can request a supporting UCLM document in the email ori@uclm.es For internal travel within your country of arrival, please inform your consulate. Tell your home university, UCLM centre coordinator, and ORI on your campus about your intention to travel.

2.6.  How can I get my personal effects back. If you have returned your habitual residence outside Spain, but all your belongings are in Castilla-La Mancha, we recommend that you first contact the address of the residence or the person who leases the apartment to know if you can cancel the rental contract without the need for face-to-face and under what economic conditions. To recover personal effects, when the restrictions in force allow, you can ask the person who owns the apartment or someone you trust to package and send your belongings to your usual home, using a due-door transportation service. When the relaxation of restrictions related to international travel in your country of residence and in Spain allow it, you can return to Castilla-La Mancha to pick them up. We recall the existence of transport companies specialized in this type of service at prices very similar to those of the check-in of a suitcase on a low-cost airline.

Information only available in Spanish.

4.1.  I have a mobility stay at UCLM for the 2020/21 academic year, what I have to do?. If you have been selected by your home institution to make a stay of international mobility at UCLM, you will have to wait for the ORI of your home institution to contact us to give us your data. Once we have received your nomination, we will contact you by email to inform you of the steps to follow. UCLM continues to organize the 2020/21 academic year to return to normal, but if due to the health crisis situation by COVID-19, there were changes in the organization of the next academic year we would send instructions before the start of the stay.

The online registration period for first semester and full year students is open until June 30, but under the circumstances, we may extend the deadline or make the admissions process more flexible. Any changes will be communicated to students in good time by email and on the UCLM website: /en/missions/international/mobility

4.2.  What can I do to organize my stay?. You must be aware of the information we post on the web and send you from the ORI. Check out UCLM curriculum to design the draft of your study agreement. Take every opportunity to improve your language proficiency. Even if you are checking in information about accommodation at destination, do not book non-cancellable and refundable accommodation at this time. Don't buy plane or train tickets. As we have reliable information about the situation from the official sources authorized to give it, we will communicate it directly to all interested persons.