Frequent questions

The usual schedule is from 8.30 to 21.00 h., but there are many periods of extraordinary openings. Check here the schedules of all the Libraries of the UCLM.
You can go and use the services in any Library of any Campus of the UCLM. Check the location and contact details of each one of them.
Each user is responsible for the personal items that they bring into the library and for their surveillance. You can report their loss or theft at the loan counters, where the object would be deposited in case it appeared. You can also give notice at the Concierge. We advise you not to leave any personal valuables (laptop, calculator, wallet…) unattended
All members of the UCLM university community can use the Library services: students, teachers, FPI fellows, administration and services staff. In addition, adults not linked to the University can also apply for an external user card.

Yes, you can obtain an external user card. The four years following the end of the link with the UCLM will be free of charge. From that moment on, you will have to pay a fee of 30 €, with a validity of one year.

After the four years, another option is to join the ALUMNI program managed by the General Foundation of the University and which has an annual fee of 20 €. Among other services, it gives the right to use the Library.

You need the user card, which is the identification card that gives the right to enter and use the different services of the Library. It is necessary both for access to the Library and for the use of the different services, and in particular the loan service. The university card and the Library card are personal and non-transferable, so no book can be withdrawn with the card of another person.

Every member of the university community of the University of Castilla-La Mancha must have a university card for their accreditation and use of the services integrated in the UCLM. The application and management is totally free. As a general rule, from the 2023-2024 academic year, it will be issued virtually for all students through the UCLM app available for iOS and Android.

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External users can request, at the loan counters of the Campus General Libraries, a card that allows them to use the Library services.

The Library lends, in addition to books, a great variety of materials: laptops, movies, e-book readers, bookstands, etc.

There are two types of loan:

* In-room loan: allows the consultation of all materials within the facilities of the libraries. There are funds excluded from loan, either because of their use (reference works in general), or because of their uniqueness or value. This type of funds can be consulted in the room.

* Home loan: allows the withdrawal of the Library of bibliographic and non-bibliographic materials under the conditions and deadlines established in this regulation.

In general, an undergraduate student can borrow a long-term loan copy for 15 days and a short-term loan copy for 7 days. However, there are different policies and loan periods depending on the type of user and the type of copy, you can consult them in the following table.
For those users who still have the physical card or badge, in case of loss they must communicate this circumstance to the Document Access Service of the Campus Library to avoid fraudulent use of it, regardless of what the regulations of use of the UCLM cards provide, the holder of the card or badge will be responsible for the loans made with them.
According to article 17 of the University Library Regulations, the loss, serious deterioration or theft of bibliographic funds or support materials, due to the simple non-observance of the duties of care, will entail the obligation of their replacement by the user, and may lead to the suspension of the use of the service until it does not occur. If the damage is done deliberately, it will result in the suspension of the use of the service for a period not exceeding three months, without prejudice to the obligation to replace the fund or, where appropriate, repair the damage caused. When the aforementioned behaviors are carried out by external users, they may cause the definitive withdrawal of the user card, if so agreed by the Library Commission.

You will have a penalty, which will entail not being able to use the different services associated with the loan, such as claims, reservations, renewals, intercampus loan, etc. There are two types of penalties for the delay in returning:

- One day will be suspended for each copy and day of delay for loans of copies of the type “Long-term loan materials”.

- Five days will be suspended for each copy and day of delay for loans of copies of the types “Short-term loan materials” and “Non-bibliographic materials to support teaching and learning”, as well as the late return of the in-room loan of these materials.

Yes, you can request it through the intercampus loan service, either in person at the document access sections of the different libraries, filling out the loan application and delivering it to your library; or you can also register in the Interlibrary and Intercampus Loan system, to make new online requests and see the status of your requests. To access the system, click on the following addresses, depending on the campus where you are:

Access to the Service of the Campus of Albacete

Access to the Service of the Campus of Ciudad Real

Access to the Service of the Campus of Cuenca

Access to the Service of the Campus of Toledo