Loans, reservations and renewals


In order to use all the services connected with loans, users of the University Library must show credentials with their library card .


Types of loan, categories and periods


Ordinary loan

This enables consultation in the hall or home loans of the collections at each library.

The following types of general collections have been established:

  • Materials exclusively for loans( hall consultation only(
  • Short-term loan materials
  • Long-term loan materials
  • Non-bibliographical support materials for teaching and learning


Inter-campus and inter-library loans

Inter-campus loans enable materials located in other UCLM libraries to be consulted. Users will be able to request these materials by means of the Document Access services at the libraries. All materials from the libraries, without exception, may be requested for inter-campus loans. This service is free.

The inter-library loans enables acquisition of bibliographical materials that are located outside the UCLM, as well as supplying materials from the University Library to other ones. The document access services, will inform users about any fees use of the service incurs. The user must meet these costs (see fees REBIUN).

Further information

There are two categories of loan:

  1. Hall loans: enables consultation of all materials on the library premises. Collections which cannot be loaned, either due to their use (reference works in general), their uniqueness or value. This type of collection may be consulted in the hall. 
  2. Home loans: enables bibliographical and non bibliographical materials to be taken out of the library with the conditions established by this regulation.


              In the following table we show you all information about loan periods and number of copies.


Enlarge picture


Consultation and renewal of loans


Home loans can be renewed by an identical period, providing that the work has not been reserved by another user. Libraries may set restrictions on the renewal of a copy, due to the needs of the service. Remember that only books whose loan period has not been exceeded can be renewed and only the day before or the same date the loan expires.

Consultation and renewal of loans may be done by means of using the self-loan systems or on line, after having shown identification on the web:


  • Teachers and Administration and Services Staff

              To consult and/or renew personal loans, authentication must be shown on the catalogue the library website or on the mobile catalogue: MOPAC (the user domain must be entered with name.surname format, that is, the identifier which appears to the left of the @ symbol in the email). The password is the UCLM domain (that which is entered when we show identification on starting up the PC).

  • Students

              In the user field, the user name of the Virtual Campus must be entered (normally the identification number) and in the password field, the password of the virtual campus or of the email must be entered. On the library website catalogue or on the mobile catalogue: MOPAC you can renew or consult your personal loans.

  • External users

                In the user name field, National Identification Number must be entered and in the password field, the password provided when collecting the card must be entered.  From the library website catalogue or on the mobile catalogue: MOPAC you can renew or consult your personal loans.


Once you have been authenticated, you must click on the My Library link to be told the dates of your loans and to be able to renew them.

In order to renew, a tick box must appear next to renew book2. Tick the box and afterwards, click the button "renew".

You can also log on with your Facebook account.


Reserving works on loan


If you are interested in a work which is on loan, you may reserve it (one per title) at the counters at the different libraries, and may borrow it once it has been returned. The libraries will inform users about the availability of works by telephone call. These must be taken out within two days, after which time they will be put back into circulation.




As regards loans, non-compliance with the conditions established by the regulations will be fined with suspension of the service in the following terms:

  • It will be suspended by one day for each copy and overdue day for loans of copies from the" Long-term loans materials" category.
  • It will be suspended for five days for each copy and overdue day for loans of copies from the "Short-term loan materials" category and for "Non-bibliographical support materials for teaching and learning", as well as for overdue returns of these materials to the hall. Users who have been fined will not be entitled to use the different services associated with their loan, such as complaints, reservations, renewals, inter-campus loans, etc.


Further information: